Proving Liability In A Slip And Fall Injury Case

In the GTA and throughout Ontario Province, real property owners and occupiers are legally responsible for keeping their premises safe and secure for all visitors. This includes addressing all dangerous or hazardous conditions, ensuring that all structures on said property is up to code, and performing preventative maintenance regularly. The failure to do so puts visitors at risk of serious or even catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, dozens of individuals suffer injury in accidents that could be prevented.

The injuries an individual suffers in a slip or trip and fall accident can be very painful and expensive to treat. So, if you or a loved one recently suffered injury because of another individual’s negligence, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer in London that specializes in slip and fall accident cases. Having a personal injury lawyer represent your case increases your chances of getting compensated for your injuries as well as your pain and suffering. It also ensures that your rights will be protected during your case. Additionally, it helps to have someone that is skilled and experienced at handing the legalities of the claim as it is not easy to claim damages from the insurance company.

Substantiating Your Personal Injury Claim

In many cases, proving liability in a personal injury claim comes down to the how much evidence is gathered. Slipping on an icy sidewalk or wet floor, or tripping on torn carpeting could result in serious injury and costly medical expenses. This is why you need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They have the resources to go up against the insurance companies and maximize your recovery. The following will help establish liability and build a strong case on your behalf:

• Documented history of complaints concerning dangerous or unsafe conditions on the property where you were injured

• Evidence that the property where you suffered injury was negligently maintained

• Photos illustrating the dangerous or unsafe condition that caused your accident

• Proof of debris, inoperable lighting, or missing stairway railings that caused the accident and your injuries

• Proof that the property owner violated building or safety regulations

• Witnesses who are willing to testify about seeing the dangerous or unsafe condition on the property where you were injured

As personal injury lawyers, we are well-versed in the Occupiers’ Liability Act and have extensive experience in complex personal injury claims and lawsuits. We not only work closely with our clients but their doctors and other healthcare providers as well. Don’t settle for less than what you’re entitled to and we are always here to ensure justice. Call the EBPC Law at (800) 259-3082 today.