Protecting Your Rights After A Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcyclist, you’re at an elevated risk of suffering serious or even life-threatening injuries should you be involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. There are no airbags, no bumpers, and no metal vehicle body protecting you from the force of a collision.

Add to that how close you are to the road, the impact to your body when falling off your bike, the weight of the bike landing on top of you, and you have the recipe for disaster. All you have is a helmet and maybe leather clothing to protect you. It can leave you with road rash, fractures and other painful head or spinal injuries.

The 4 most common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because of the lack of protection, motorcyclists typically suffer serious or catastrophic injury whenever they’re involved in a collision with another vehicle. In fact, roughly 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injuries that can impact the motorcyclist for the rest of their lives, the 4 most common of which include:

• Amputations or disfigurement – motorcycle accidents often cause amputations or the loss of limbs. Furthermore, road rash is a common result and often leads to extreme scarring and disfigurement.

• Broken bones/fractures – people suffer broken bones in other types of accidents just about every day. However, a motorcyclist can be thrown many feet through the air and suffer multiple broken bones throughout their body.

• Spinal cord injuries – these injuries often range in severity and are usually classified as complete spinal cord injuries (permanent injury to the afflicted part of the spinal cord) or incomplete spinal cord injuries (partial damage to the spine).

• Traumatic brain injuries – not only are these injuries some of the most severe our bodies can withstand; many are often fatal or leave those who survive permanently disabled and incapable of caring for themselves.

Additionally, the consequences of a motorcycle accident are often far-reaching and not only affect the motorcyclist but their family members and their careers as well.

How do You protect Your Rights after a Motorcycle Accident?

The first two steps you should take after being involved in a motorcycle accident are:

• seek medical attention immediately, even if you think your injuries are minor
• gather as much evidence as possible
• contact a personal injury lawyer

The right personal injury lawyer can handle the gathering of evidence while you’re recovering from your injuries. Having a personal injury lawyer in London on your side ensures that your rights will be protected and increases your chances of recovering all financial losses attributed to your accident. For more information, call the EBPC Law firm today at (800) 259-3082. We’d be there for your assistance and ensure that you get justice. Call now.