Legal Representation For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Whether it’s walking in the downtown area or on a quiet, tree-lined street in the suburbs, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to being struck by a moving vehicle. From having to watch for distracted drivers to walking along poorly lit streets, you’re at an increased risk of suffering serious or even fatal injury as a pedestrian. Thankfully, these accidents aren’t as common as other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, the last thing you’d expect is getting struck by a moving vehicle.

What are the Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrians and motorists alike must obey the laws of the road. When either of them violates these laws and regulations, the chances of an accident occurring and someone getting injured greatly increase. In most pedestrian accident cases, the person’s injuries are caused by a negligent driver, as per injury lawyer in London. Some of the more common causes include drivers being unable to see pedestrians at night or because of overgrown vegetation. In other situations, pedestrian accidents are attributed to other forms of negligence such as ignoring stop signs or traffic lights, speeding, and texting while driving. Thus, one of the ways to stop this is to be aware while driving or walking on the road.

Common Injuries that result

Other than motorcycle accident injuries, pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. Some of the most common injuries suffered by pedestrians when they are struck by a moving vehicle include:

• broken bones/fractures
• facial injuries
• lacerations
• neck spinal cord injuries including paralysis
• orthopedic injuries
• road rash
• severe bruising
• sprains and strains
• traumatic brain injuries including concussions
• vision loss

As you can see, some of the injuries listed above can result in lifelong consequences for the victim such as being permanently disabled or the inability to care for themselves.

Why should You hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

As a pedestrian, you stand little if any chance of not getting seriously or catastrophically injured if you’re struck by a moving vehicle. As a result, most pedestrian accidents are notoriously devastating and, in some cases, fatal. Those individuals that do manage to survive and recover from their injuries are not only affected physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations that applies to the filing of personal injury claims. In most cases, the deadline for filing a claim or lawsuit against the insurer of the at-fault party is 2 years. At EBPC Law, we understand how the claims process can be very intimidating. With our legal team representing your case, you’ll be assured of getting the compensation you’re entitled to. Call us today at (800) 259-3082.