Which Insurance Covers A Person Responsible For Dog Bite Incident?

According to the law, the owner of the pet canine that has bitten some adult or child becomes liable for that victim’s medical bills. In those cases where the injured victim was an adult, the liable party must also compensate the victim for any income lost during the victim’s recovery. There are certain types of insurance that offer financial protection to those dog owners that have been unable to control their pets.

Homeowner’s insurance

This usually promises coverage for the dog’s owner, unless the pet canine happened to have the same genes as dogs that belonged to an excluded or dangerous breed. Each policy comes with liability limits. The policyholder should have full financial support, if the victim’s medical expenses did not exceed the amount stated. If the expenses had managed to exceed those limits, then the policyholder/dog owner would become responsible for the difference.

Those dog owners that have purchased homeowner’s insurance have reason to expect access to legal counsel, in the event that an injured victim was to initiate a lawsuit against them. That offer of legal counsel would give the owner of an annoyed and enraged pet the ability to mount a soundly based defense.

Animal or pet insurance

The holder of this policy should realize that it might cover only the first claim for any specific canine. That provision, if instituted, has been put in place under the assumption that recognition of a dog’s tendency to bite humans, places it in the category of dangerous canines.

Car insurance might cover the incident.

Where was the pet standing before it chose to attack and bite an innocent bystander? If it had been standing in a car, van, truck or SUV, then the pet’s owner should be covered by an auto insurance policy. Still, if the car insurance company were to discover that the policyholder was also a homeowner, then it might refrain from covering the damages that had resulted from the biting incident.

A personal injury lawyer in London knows that the typical homeowner’s policy does not require that the policyholder’s four-legged friend be in or at the insured residence, when choosing to bite some friend or stranger. Moreover, a car insurance company might suggest that the injured victim had not had a good reason for approaching the vehicle from which a dog’s face had been protruding.

Some renter’s insurance policies cover such incidents.

The landlord could not be held responsible, unless he or she had agreed to permit the housing of a dangerous breed in one of the rented units, or at a location adjacent to the rented apartments. Yet the renter would need to study the purchased policy, in order to learn whether or not it covered the victims of dog bite incidents’