When To Use Expert Witness In Personal Injury Case?

Expert witnesses can help the jury to place the presented evidence in the correct context. A witness’ statement might help a jury or judge to reach a decision.

Characteristics of expert witnesses

• Each one has received special education or training in a designated field.
• Each of them has lived through one or more special experiences in a designated field
• Each such witness has developed special understanding of some aspect of a named field.
• Each of them has perfected a special skill.
• Each of them has acquired special knowledge within a named field.
• Once the jury has received proof that a given witness possesses a marked level of expertise, that same expertise cannot be discredited.

Rules that apply to expert witnesses during a trial

• Each of them is allowed to state an opinion, one that is based on the expert’s knowledge.
• Each of them must help the court and jury to understand some portion of the evidence.
• Each of them should show that he or she has gathered sufficient facts and data, before reaching a stated opinion.
• Any one of them should have served as an expert witness for other cases.

How an attorney for one side might challenge a theory or opinion expressed by an expert that had been selected by a lawyer that was representing the other side.

The Personal Injury Lawyer in London might ask if the expert’s theory had been tested. The attorney might ask if the expert’s theory had been reviewed and might inquire about a given theory’s error rate.

The lawyer for the other side might seek to know whether or not there were any standards for operation of the methods that had been used during the development of the expert’s opinion. In addition, that same lawyer might ask whether or not the scientific community had accepted the expert’s method.

How do good lawyers make optimal use of their expert witnesses?

Good lawyers maintain a contact list, one that contains the names and contact numbers for a listing of experts. Consequently, those same lawyers should have the ability to find a suitable witness for a given client’s personal injury case.

An inexperienced lawyer might accept a claim made by a representative from the insurance company. Adjusters often pretend to have medical or legal knowledge. Smart lawyers get hold of an expert, in order to challenge the allegation or claim that has come from an adjuster.

Smart claimants make a point of learning as much as possible about their injury or medical condition. In that way, the same claimants should be able to tell if an adjuster’s claim sounds logical. In addition, the same claimants should gain greater insight into the experience level of their chosen lawyer.