The Role of Evidence In A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawyers in London put lots of effort into gathering the evidence for their clients’ cases. The collected evidentiary material could be used to support a given client’s claim.

Some evidence should be collected at the scene of the accident.

Take pictures of the damage found on any objects that felt the effect of the accident, or that contributed to the accident’s occurrence. That would include any tire marks that had been made by one or more of the involved vehicles.

After a car accident, also include any damage to the vehicle that received the impact. An adjuster can determine the veracity of a submitted claim by studying the nature and location of any damage on the impacted vehicle. Photograph any injuries; also photograph any damage to your personal property.

Save any torn or bloodstained clothing. Someone that has become the victim of a slip and fall accident should save the footwear that happened to their on your feet at the time of that particular incident. Be sure to pay a visit to a doctor, a hospital or a medical clinic. Have any potential injury examined just as soon as possible.

Special instructions for taking pictures of an accident site:

• Be sure to snap any pictured object from more than one angle.
• Record the date and time when each photograph was taken.
• Store any photographs in a safe location.

Possible challenges to following the above instructions:

If the accident did not take place in a public location, but in spot like a movie theater, the theater’s manager might object to having pictures taken of certain locations. Do not assume the manager’s permission; instead request it in a polite fashion.

If the response to the request were a denial of the right to snap pictures, the next step should involve asking for a reason that such a response has been denied. If no move were made to reverse the denial, the next step should involve writing a letter. Direct that letter to the insurance adjuster. Explain the problems that developed in the movie theater, and seek the adjuster’s help.

Most adjusters offer the needed assistance. If any of them were to refuse to give assistance to the writer of the letter, then their insurance company could be sued for bad faith.

Suppose the evidence were to suggest that you should be held liable for the accident. What action should you take?

• Hire an attorney.
• Try to obtain the police report, so that you can see what the arriving officer has written.
• Also look in that report for the names of any witnesses.
• Find out if there was any video camera that was targeting the site of the accident’s occurrence.