What Are The Key Factors Determining Value of Personal Injury Case?

Usually, the person that has filed a personal injury case has been injured during the course of an accident. The type of the injury suffered by that same victim, and the extent to which the injury has created problems work together to determine the value of the injured party’s case.

Insurance companies tend to link certain types of injuries with an expected level of pain.

That approach has linked damage to certain types of tissues with an expected level of pain or discomfort. That approach has caused insurance companies to classify any injury as one that has affected a given type of tissue.

Soft tissue injuries

The discomfort expressed by the patient is the primary evidence of the injury’s existence.This type of injury does not cause permanent harm to the body. Following a car accident, many occupants might base their personal injury case on the existence of a soft tissue injury.

Hard injuries

These normally show up during a medical exam.Their appearance should result in mention of the hard injury in the patient’s medical records. That mention then becomes a source of evidence.

Why is there no guarantee that the appearance of a hard injury will result in mention of that fact by the physician that has been charged with creating the patient’s medical records? There is no guarantee, because it is up to the patient, or to the patient’s parents to schedule an appointment at the physician’s office or clinic.

Harm that has been done to hard tissue can have a long-lasting effect on the adversely affected body part. In order to correct for such harm, a doctor might need to prescribe utilization of extensive treatment.

Do not assume that such harm should have an immediate effect on the injured region. In fact, sometimes damage done to hard tissues can result in slow-to-appear symptoms. That is why it is so necessary for everyone involved in any accident to get seen by a doctor or someone in the medical field.

An adjuster would never ask why no effort was made to see a doctor. The insurance company might ask that question, if someone were to claim the late appearance of certain symptoms. Then, the insurer could refuse to cover the injury, due to the victim’s failure to mitigate the physical harm.

An injury’s effects on a child might not show up right away. With a Personal Injury Lawyer in London help, the child’s parents should be able to get an extension of the statute of limitations. That should allow more time for diagnosis of the child’s condition. That could mean mention of at least a few more symptoms in the medical report, the one that gets viewed by the adjuster’s eyes.