Record What Happened Following Involvement In Accident

Do not trust your memory to recall all of the relevant facts. Make a point of creating an accurate recording of the details.

Times when you should find the notes most helpful

When you and your injury lawyer in Gloucester have agreed to compose a demand letter and then speak with the adjuster on the phone. Adjusters try to take advantage of the fact that most victims struggle to recall every detail associated with the accident. Consequently, the adjuster’s comments could include an implication, in hopes that you, the victim will accept that same implication.

However, if the true facts were recorded, then you could refer to that recorded information, after hearing any of the adjuster’s implications.

Times when you could want to add more information to your notes

• When speaking with a witness
• When speaking with an insurance adjuster, or other representative of the insurance company
• When speaking with medical personnel

What sort of information should you record, as a means for refreshing your memory?

If you experienced any pain or discomfort, while at the scene of the accident, put that in writing, especially if you failed to mention it during your initial visit with the member of the medical community.

Explain how your injuries have affected your life and your lifestyle

• Have you had trouble sleeping?
• Have you developed any new phobias?
• Have you suffered from feelings of anxiety?
• Have been forced to forgo any hobby or recreational activity, something that you had pursued in the past?
• Have you exhibited signs of stress?

The parent of a child or teen that was in the damaged vehicle should keep these questions in mind:

• Have my child’s grades suffered, since he/she was involved in the accident?
• Has my child talked about problems with paying attention in school?
• Has my child demonstrated an unexpected challenge, when trying to remember presented information?
• Has my child appeared less able to comprehend basic directions?

If your injuries have affected your life, bring that fact to the attention of the treating physician. In that way, you could ensure mention of your injury-linked problems in the physician’s medical report.

Did you have to change any of your plans, due to development of a reported injury? For instance, had you been promised an athletic scholarship at a university, but that promise had come with the stipulation that you would have to remain in good health.

Had your employer/boss expected you to attend a conference? If so, be sure to make mention of that fact in your notes. That was an unexpected disruption.

If you have had to change or cancel your plans, try to obtain a document that can confirm that fact.