Legal Representation For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Whether it’s walking in the downtown area or on a quiet, tree-lined street in the suburbs, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to being struck by a moving vehicle. From having to watch for distracted drivers to walking along poorly lit streets, you’re at an increased risk of suffering serious or even fatal injury as a pedestrian. Thankfully, these accidents aren’t as common as other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, the last thing you’d expect is getting struck by a moving vehicle. Read More

Determining Negligence In A Car Accident

According to legal definitions, negligence is the “failure to behave with the level of care or exercise a level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have behaved or exercised under the same circumstances.” Negligence is also the “actions or inactions of a party that violate that party’s duty of care to another party.” In personal injury law, negligence is often the basis for many lawsuits. Read More

Typical Fee Structure of Attorney That Is Handling Injury Claim

The attorney’s fee structure normally reflects the fact that a personal injury lawyer asks each client to pay a contingency fee. The client’s payment gets delivered to the retained lawyer in the form of a check from the defendant’s insurance company. That check’s value should be equal to the compensation package that the insurance adjuster had promised the claimant/client. Read More