Proving Liability In A Slip And Fall Injury Case

In the GTA and throughout Ontario Province, real property owners and occupiers are legally responsible for keeping their premises safe and secure for all visitors. This includes addressing all dangerous or hazardous conditions, ensuring that all structures on said property is up to code, and performing preventative maintenance regularly. The failure to do so puts visitors at risk of serious or even catastrophic injury. Unfortunately, dozens of individuals suffer injury in accidents that could be prevented. Read More

Legal Representation For Pedestrian Accident Victims

Whether it’s walking in the downtown area or on a quiet, tree-lined street in the suburbs, pedestrians are extremely vulnerable to being struck by a moving vehicle. From having to watch for distracted drivers to walking along poorly lit streets, you’re at an increased risk of suffering serious or even fatal injury as a pedestrian. Thankfully, these accidents aren’t as common as other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, the last thing you’d expect is getting struck by a moving vehicle. Read More