How To Protect Your Legal Rights In Moments After Auto Accident?

A vehicle’s forceful impact has the ability to unsettle and upset the occupants of the impacted automobile. Still, the occupants must try to remain calm, and think clearly.

Actions to take while at accident site

If possible, move vehicle to a safe location. Assess your condition. You may need to await the arrival of the 1st responders. Of course, if you see fire or smoke, exit your vehicle as quickly as possible.

If you have a cell phone, call the police. You may be able to count on a high probability that someone will see the accident and contact the police. Get out of your vehicle and check to see if anyone else has been injured. Personal Injury Lawyer in London will recommend that you study the scene, so that you find it easier to recall details, such as how many lanes of traffic were on the road or highway.

Speak with the other driver(s) and with any witnesses. Get their contact information: their name, address and phone number. Get the name of the other driver’s insurance company. Get the license number for the other driver, and the number on the plate of the vehicle that was driven by that other driver.

If possible, take pictures. Do not take all the photographs from the same spot and from the same angle. Photograph the damaged vehicles and the significant features at the accident site and give a statement to the police.

Make a point of getting medical attention. Be sure to let the person that examines you become aware of any significant symptoms that you have experienced. For instance, let that person know if you were knocked unconscious for even a brief period, after feeling the impact of the crash.

Actions to take once you get home

• Sit down and make a list of all the things that you can recall about the accident.
• Write down how you feel. Have you experienced any sensation of pain?
• Contact your insurance company.
• Schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Start a file of the documents that relate to the accident, and to the treatment of your injuries. That file should hold all of your medical bills, as well as any stubs that you got from the parking lot, a lot at a medical office.

Place a pen and notepaper by your phone, so that you can take notes each time that you talk with the adjuster, or anyone that is playing a role in the treatment of your injuries, or your effort to obtain a settlement.

Find something that can function as a journal or a diary. That is where you must note the date for each new sensation of pain. In that same journal/diary note the length of painful sensation.