How To Make Optimal Use of Witnesses?

All witnesses are important, even those that did not actually see the accident. Any one of them might have seen what took place just before the injury-causing event and even that information can be pertinent to the case. Sometimes, too, a witness has other information, as per personal injury lawyer in London so it helps to utilize the information and take their statement to strengthen your case.

Be sure to get the contact information for any witness.

• Put that information in a safe place; do not lose it. In the coming days, you should be reaching out to the same person that has offered his or her contact details.
• Do not be afraid to approach strangers. Any one of them might know about other accidents that have taken place in the same location.
• Do not hesitate to return to the scene, and to speak with other witnesses.
• Consider going after the police report. That might contain some witnesses’ names.

What to share with a contacted witness?

Give a warning. Witnesses deserve to know that the insurance adjuster might try to contact them. However, you do not have to give witness’ information nor does it have to be shared with the adjuster. The law does not require the sharing of eyewitness accounts with the insurance adjuster.

It is best to explain how the witness’ valuable information could help to strengthen your case. Write down the statement, as presented by a contacted witness. Then learn whether or not you can get a witness’ signature on that written statement.

What to avoid sharing, when speaking with a contacted witness?

Most of the injury lawyers suggest that you should not suggest what the contacted individual should say to the adjuster, if he or she were to get in touch with the same person/witness.

It is all right to urge someone like that to avoid speaking with the adjuster. It is not legally correct to suggest what facts ought to be shared with any one that is representing the opposing party. Now, it might be tempting to use some persuasion, with the hope that a suggested comment might be used by someone that the adjuster has contacted. Unfortunately, performance of such an act is illegal.

You cannot know when the jury might learn about that forbidden action. Their awareness of such an illegal act could push the 12 jurors to issue a verdict that favored the defendant.

That is why working with an experienced lawyer can help. They understand how to collect the information about the witnesses and ways it can be utilized to help you get damages and justice.