How Does Demand Letter Set Stage For Settlement?

The demand letter should provide the opposing party with details on the claimant’s injuries and treatment.

What claimants need to mention in that piece of correspondence

How frequently the claimant has experienced episodes of pain, and how long each painful sensation has lasted. The length of time that the claimant has had to devote to the recovery process. How the injury has had a negative effect on the claimant’s lifestyle?

–Opportunities missed, at work, or in the area of education
–Plans canceled, changed or postponed
–Everyday struggles that were introduced by alterations to the claimant’s physical, mental or emotional state
— Any long-term effects, such as the loss of a limb, or the development of unsightly scar tissue

The letter should include a timeline of the injured victim’s recovery

Were there times when the recovering victim felt embarrassed? For instance, someone that had suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to undergo neurosurgery would have lost a great deal of hair. That could prove embarrassing, if the victim/patient had been a woman.

Were there times when the recovering patient/victim felt greatly inconvenienced? Maybe the victim’s legs had been broken, forcing that unfortunate individual to get around in a wheel chair for many weeks. That would have been a definite inconvenience.

What documents should accompany the letter, when it gets sent to the adjuster?

• Photographs of the damaged property, and of any injury
• The copy of any note from the claimant’s employer, one that confirmed the size of the employee’s salary
• Copies of any medical bills
• Copies of those documents that offered proof of the fact that the accident had caused the claimant/patient to sustain an injury
• Copies of any medical reports that stated how long the patient needed to spend at home or in the hospital
• Copies of any medical reports that had made mention of the fact that there could be future symptoms or future complications.
• Copies of any medical reports that have made mention of possible side effects from the drugs that were given to the claimant/patient.
• A copy of the police report or the accident report

What to put in the letter’s closing paragraph?

Personal Injury Lawyer in London knows that it should contain the figure that represents the amount of money that is wanted as compensation for the described damages. That figure should be more than the minimum amount of money that would be acceptable to the victim/claimant.

The adjuster would need to get a request for a larger amount of money, because that stated amount could get lowered substantially, during the negotiations. Remember, the lowest acceptable offer must remain a figure that could stay on the claimant’s mind, but one that should not be shared with others.