How Do Claimants Benefit From Settling?

An injured claimant could sue the responsible party. Still most claimants prefer to seek a settlement with the insurance company. Why is that the case?

The possibility for winning a large reward as the result of a trial does not guarantee the achievement of that uncertain outcome.

The introduction of greater certainty belongs on any listing of the ways that claimants benefit from settling. During preparations for a trial, namely during a discovery session, the existence of new evidence could surface. By the same token, during the trial, the judge could rule against the admission of a certain piece of evidence.

Settling saves money

Personal Injury Lawyer in London seek a larger contingency fee, if a client’s case has advanced to the stage where the outcome is dependent on the results of a trial. That is due to the manner in which participation in the litigation process of a trial can create so many demands on a lawyer’s time.

If a plaintiff has recovered enough to be able to return to work, then that same plaintiff must take time off from work, in order to attend the trial’s proceedings. That need arises after the same plaintiff has already had to request time off, in order to recover from an injury.

Claimants that agree to a settlement get their money faster.

Once the 2 opposing sides have agreed to a settlement, it does not take long for the promised compensation to get delivered to the claimant’s lawyer. Of course, the insurance company does request receipt of a signed release form, before it sends the awaited compensation funds.

In contrast to that short procedure, the time required for obtaining a court ordered judgment could be quite long. There is no limit on a trial’s length. Moreover, once a jury has issued its verdict, there remains the chance that the losing side might decide to seek the granting of an appeal hearing. That would extend further the length of time that the plaintiff would have to wait for any type of payment. In other words, a great deal of time could pass, before the person with the personal injury case has been properly compensated.

Settlement insures privacy

No one listens in on the calls that take place during the pre-settlement negotiations. Hence no one knows what either side has said. That differs from the situation that exists in a courtroom.

There in a room at a courthouse, all present can hear what a witness might say. Sometimes, the plaintiff must function as a witness. Consequently, an effort to win a large court-ordered judgment could force the plaintiff to reveal facts that he or she did not want to share with members of the public.