Dealing With A Workplace Injury

An employee that has suffered an injury, while carrying out an assigned task, deserves to receive a fair compensation.

Actions that should be taken by the victim of a workplace injury

• Speak with supervisor; inform him/her about the nature and extent of a reported injury.
• Seek medical attention.
• File a claim: Work with the Human Resources Department, in order to learn what documents have to be completed.

Follow the instructions received from the examining physician; if necessary, have a personal injury lawyer share with the same physician the relevant details from your medical history; that discussion could alter the nature of the physician’s prescribed treatment.

No employee should stay quiet, after suffering a workplace injury of any kind.

The injured worker should get hold of a personal injury lawyer in Gloucester, in case the insurance company has decided to deny the expected benefits. Other situations that demand the skills and experience of a personal injury lawyer

—The human resources department has received a notice from either the treating doctor’s nurse or secretary, instead of from the treating physician. A mistake in that same notice could lead to issuance of a denial. The injured worker’s lawyer should contact the Human Resources Department, and explain the situation.
—The woman that normally works at the company’s front desk calls in sick, and is not there when the insurance company calls the front desk, in order to make sure that the worker’s compensation claim had come from a current employee. Perhaps that substitute will fail to recognize the name given to her by the representatives at the insurance company. This would be a time when a personal injury attorney would need to intervene, in order to prevent the issuance of a denial.
—The examining physician’s has prescribed a treatment regime that demonstrates the absence of any awareness, regarding the examined worker’s medical history. A personal injury attorney could contact the same physician, offer details on the client’s medical history, and suggest the need for an examination by the appropriate specialist.
—At the independent medical exam (IME), the “independent” physician chooses to ignore the existence of some obvious symptoms, such as scars from a recent surgical procedure. A personal injury lawyer could help to create a challenge to the improper physician’s diagnosis. Ideally, that challenge could lead to a reversal of the insurance company’s decision.

Those injured workers that have retained the services of a personal injury lawyer do not have to feel bound by what the insurance company might hear from the physician that has conducted the IME. None of them should feel obligated to search for an additional source of income, after hearing that their disability payments are about to end.